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Re: Re: Re: squishing the bug

Posted by: pppp () on Mon Jun 6 19:03:43 2011

> Squishing the bug is a good teaching drill for young hitters 7-9 years old. It teaches muscle memory for keeping weight back and rotating/turning hips. Once the little guys incorporate it into their mechanics, coaches and instructors can move on to more advanced ways of balance, weight transfer, rotation that is more custom to each kids approach at the plate. Remember, don't be fooled that everyone hits the same from start to finish as some would suggest.
> The only consistency between good hitters is the mechanics the instant before contact "the contact position" and through the ball.
> How each hitter arrives at that "contact position" and finishes through the ball can be different for each hitter.
> Joe
> > > Is it true that "squishing the bug" is wrong? If it is, can someone please explain to me why it is wrong. And can someone also help me how to stop "squishing the bug"?
> >
> >
> > See Dusty Baker's book "You Can Teach Hitting".


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