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Re: Big Mac's Front Knee

Posted by: Batman (nyrangersrule@usa.net) on Sun May 7 20:27:49 2000

Dear Jack,
> Pardon my depatured existence from your discussion group, since I used the last few days to test the validity of your theories. While most proved conclusive, I noticed one
> fundamental--locking the front knee at impact that you deem mechanically de rigeur to maximizing power, which you demonstrate using (an educated guess) Sammy Sosa.
> Nevertheless, I will provide examples that will serve as arguments to the contrary.
> Two years hitherto the new millenium baseball season, Big Mac hit five homers over 500 feet at Busch--two balls to center (501 and 509 feet), and two balls to right-center (511 and 527 feet), using a front knee that was bent, but firm, at contact, a front knee that still had the ability to push the front hip back and around. The fifth shot, a 545-foot homer to center, displayed a front leg that was bent slightly, but bent nonetheless, allowing the front leg to rotate in a circular pattern.
> From personal experience last year, I had the opportunity to see McGwire hit two homers, the latter one, a statistically significant career highlight that traveled over 400 feet, but, from behind him through binoculars, I also saw the former homer, a 502-foot shot to right-center.
> The front knee seemed to bent on that swing, and a tape my mother made of the home run McGwire hit--which I saw personally at Shea--showed McGwire making contact with a firm, but bent front leg rotating in a circular pattern (my mother taped it while I was away).
> Any thoughts on this Jack? Now that I have given example how a person can hit the ball a long way with a firm, bent, rotating front leg at impact, are you still going to argue that the front leg must be locked at contact?
> Please respond
> Black Hole Lexicographer
> Knight1285@aol.com

: I don't agree with Jack on the stiff front leg. I believe and was taught that hitting with the front knee bent allowed you to hit through the ball better. Where as hitting off a stiff front leg, forces everything back away from the pitcher hands, upper body and you can't hit through the ball as well. All the great hitters hit with a flexed but firm front side, A-Rod, Olerud, Gwynn, Big Mac. If you do see a stiff front leg it is because of the adreniline running through your body which causes you to pull away. During games the front side may stiffen up but off the tee you should try to slightly flex while still maintaining a frim front side.


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