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Re: Re: Rotational and Ted williams

Posted by: Paul () on Sun Jun 19 17:57:11 2011

> > Face it unless they are some how doctored the film of him hitting. and that over head drawing of him taking a circular hand on page 42 in his book is a fake. Ted williams took a circular hand path.They say a picture is worth more then a thousand of your words.so I belive the film and actual pictures of him hitting instead of a bunch of words.
> Ok. I'm not going to be the one to convince you otherwise. Yeah, like I said before, I know for sure what his swing is doing. And I also know everything the man said. And, I've watched just about every piece of film there is on him. And, I truly know what's going on in the pictures like on pg 42. The hips are where the power is coming from. The hips sure are built in a circular fashion. But like he said, and this is where it's more important to know what he said, rather than what he did, "I always felt like like I needed something left in my hips and shoulders to maintain control. But not in my arms, wrists, and hands. With them it was 100%. The bottom line is this; if you're using 100% energy with the hips and shoulders throughout the swing the hitter will probably lose everything. Once the balance goes, the timing and control go along with it. Swinging the bat in the way that you describe makes this more likely to happen. Why do you think he's using straight lines instead of curved lines (on the overhead shots) to show how the hips and shoulders open up into the ball? It's because he wants to stress the impotance of how the hips lead the way into the swing and the direction of the swing is maintained with first the arms, wrists, and hands. I didn't want to say this to you before because I wasn't sure if you did this but your remarks are proving that you do. All you seem to care about are the pictures. The pictures are not everything, neither is video. Sometiimes they distort what is actually happening in the swing even through they may seem to show otherwise. That's why Ted included descriptions as well as illustrations to explain the proper swing. Not just in his book, but in his life as well like when he talked to people about hitting. He always said the same things. "The quickest way to get to two spots is in a straight line.", "The ideal swing is to swing slightly up.", You swing level to the ball, not level to the ground.", Never once does he talk about rotating into the ball in the way like everybody else keeps saying that he did.

Call this heresy, but most hitters appear to be FIGHTING the CHP rather than allowing it to happen. In my opinion, they are attempting to take the hands directly to the ball, but the rotational forces created by the release of the lower body rubber band,(hip thrust)and the rotation of the shoulders creates a CHP rather than a direct (linear) hand path.

I think this is what Ted was trying to talk about when he said "The baseball swing is a hard push-swing".


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