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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What is Scapula loading?

Posted by: rogerh () on Mon Dec 16 15:33:02 2002

Griffey, JR starts with his back elbow up much like Arod. Is the purpose of doing that to LOAD the BACK SCAPULA? And is the INTERNAL ROTATION, is that what causes the bat head to point towards the pitcher in the pre-iniation stage? And let me see if I get this, the bat head goes toward the catcher because of the external rotation of the back arm not top hand torque? And BHT is loading the lead shoulder/scapula?

Final question: What do the hands do when hitting like this? It seems like, not much.

I hear of the Griffey trade talk - - JR. could play on my team any day, if he is healthy and out of Cincy, look out; he has one of the best swings in baseball.


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