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Re: Jason Giambi's Homerun Swing

Posted by: Brian () on Wed Sep 12 08:20:07 2007

> All. After reviewing the swing of Jason Giambi, I have concluded that great batspeed is not necessarily determined by rearward acceleration. (Please study the side view of Jason Giambi or Craig Nettles.) In both instances, the bat drops or lowers to launch position form which a loop to the ball is seen through the swing path. The rearward acceleration is minimum if any.
> Likely the main reason why rearward acceleration was not brought up years ago was because it was likely seen as a form of the Julio Franco bat wrap. Thus the perpendicular position was th model for years ago. Now the 45 degree angle present in most of today's hitters is the more dominant form. But the question is does the approach actually increase batspeed. For now that cannot be proven when hitters like Giambi prove that great batspeed is attainable from different positions.
> Great batspeed is a function of how quickly the bat goes from the launch position to the swing loop once the front toe hits the ground.
> Based on the hitters approach the hitter may start with PLT, use Tht, drop his hands, or simply bring his hands to the launch position form his initiation point.
> The only real point of importance is that once the lead foot hits, the bat must start moving through the swing path. It is my belief that Mike Epsteins site (hitters) illustrate this same point.
> As a general observation it appears that hitters who begin their swing before the lead foot hits exhibit less batspeed.


Why would anyone think you/Shawn would see rearward movement in the swing when you deny the bat is moving rearward in Sosa's swing when the video with grids, lines and slow motion makes it painfully obvious that the bat moved rearward a significant amount. Classic example of running a red light and swearing it was green (means to justify the ends, etc...)



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