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Re: Another Question for Jack

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu May 18 03:03:03 2000

>>>Dear Jack,
Although I hit right-handed, I notice that you firmly opine the bottom hand is the chief source of batters for hitters. If so, would not logic dictate that individuals (rotational style) batting the opposite way they throw have an advantage in applying torque since their bottom hand is the hand which they throw with? <<<


One of the defining differences between great hitters and all the rest is the degree the muscles of the arms are involved in generating bat speed. Lesser hitters tend to use the arms to muscle the bat around while the better hitter uses the arms more as a leakage from the rotating shoulders to their hands. --- I have often stated that a “key” to becoming a great hitter is - Do not use the muscles of the arms to accelerate the hands. The arms should stay back and more relaxed and allow the rotation of the body to accelerate the hand-path.

The muscles of the lead arm also play a limited role in developing bottom-hand-torque. The pull of the bottom hand is derived almost totally from the rotation of the lead shoulder. The lead arm stays fairly straight and serves more as a leakage. The only time the muscles of the arm would be more involved is when the batter is jammed. This requires the lead elbow to bend and pull the hands into a tighter path.

The top arm does get more involved when the batter applies top-hand-torque as the swing is initiated. Pulling the top hand back toward the catcher is almost entirely an arm-generated movement. But, I would stress the point that it is more of a timing and finesse mechanic rather than a movement requiring great strength.

Jack Mankin


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