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Re: Re: Re: Re: Finer points of top hand torque

Posted by: SteveT () on Thu May 25 14:01:01 2000


The pure "inside-out" swing has little to do with driving the outside pitch- it is a technique used to take an INSIDE pitch the other way.

My experience is that what grc is saying has some merit. If pure rotation is used on an outside pitch the hand path becomes problematic, has to be just right or one of two things happens- either the barrel drops under the ball or you pull off the ball.

I also believe more WS technique is in order for an outside pitch, regardless of which method generates the most batspeed. My opinion is that while batspeed is extremely important, there still is far more to actually hitting the ball than how fast you can swing. Also, I think if batspeed is the number one goal, it's important to actually measure the differences associated with the various swing techniques we're discussing rather than speculate on which one hits for more power. Anyone who has done so please post some numbers so we can discuss.


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