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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Top hand rollover

Posted by: jonny (offother@yahoo.com) on Sun Jan 8 18:28:07 2012

Hi Jack, it never ceases to amaze me with the knowledge you have and the patience you show to these dinosaur theories that are thrown at you over and over again. Maybe some of these posters should stop being so lazy and start researching the site a little more. It's all in there folks, just do some research. > > >>> Scout. Another version of the fence drill is to place a batting tee closer to your body and attempt to make solid contact with the barrel of the bat while swinging. This forces the hitter to bring his hands in and lead with the knob of the bat. This practice of staying inside the ball is perhaps best illustrated by David Ortiz. <<<
> >
> > Hi Slugger
> >
> > I agree, the position you describe at the fence would keep the bat-head back and force the hands to be very close to the body while swinging. However, the only time I see a batter with that tight a hand-path is when they were jammed by the pitch. -- I had a couple players from the Astro Organization do the fence drill as you describe - with one major change. Instead of just taking dry swings, we had the try to actually hit pitched balls.
> >
> > They were hitting balls over 400 feet in BP, but couldn't reach the outfielders when the fenced was added (a pitching screen in this case). It got so bad that they started laughing at each other's attempts to hit the balls. -- In their game swing initiation, they were used to accelerating the bat-head rearward rather than the hands and knob forward.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> ##
> Bonds clip. Tight arc, leads with the knob, bat head trails as he pulls through, head of the bat catches up at the point of contact.
> http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=barry+bonds+swing+analysis&mid=E6E93F9979F91239EBDDE6E93F9979F91239EBDD&view=detail&FORM=VIRE3
> ##
> EXACTLY! The fence drill technique is used primarily to force the hitter to use an upswing and or facilitate the ability to hit inside pitches. But the hitter can stil accelerate the bat rearward. On a good swing the hand leads and the bat trails. Sometimes the terminology throws people in one direction or another. But from your clips of bonds his bat goes rearward but his hands/knob comes forward in a tight arc. Otherwise it would be impossible to keep some inside pitches fair. If you could post a clip of Bonds, it may enhance the debate.


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