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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Positional Hitting

Posted by: Willyboy (lineman4@ymail.com) on Tue Jan 10 09:06:57 2012

There are some similarities, you are right. These are the reasons I find myself wanting to learn more about the Positional Hitting approach. However, some of the differences I see are in key positions, such as contact, the lack of tilt, his description of bat lag... I would like to learn more about it, but I can't find an expert willing to speak up. I've even contacted the support address at the website, but no reply.
The biggest difference in what I get from Jack as compared with Jaime, is that I agree with and see everything Jack advocates in a swing. With Jaime's instruction and illustrations, I see positions that I don't see in video analysis. I don't even see it on analysis of players he uses as an example of his approach.
I hope I can learn more about Positional Hitting. The promises are incredible. If it works, I would like to try it. If it does not, I would like to know that too.
Jack... Do you have a viewpoint on this?


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