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Posted by: Slugger () on Wed Jan 18 15:09:55 2012

> I have been working with my son on Jack's techniques, and I have
been struggling
> with THT. He continually accelerates the bat head too far, to the
point that the bat
> head is well below the hands before initiation. it's as if he does
not know when to stop
> the rearward force of his back forearm.
> His personal hitting coach does not agree with these teachings, and
his strength
> trainer is no help. How for to can I get him to properly use THT?
> He is 8 years old btw

At 8 years old many kids are still developing their basic motor
skills. So it may benefit him to first practice taking his hands
straight back (pre launch hitting position) in his hitting position.
In this way, he will incorporate some of the THT, but may not feel the
need to exagerate the technique. (See Paul Konerko side view).


  • Re: Re: THT jerry 220hitter [ Thu Jan 19 15:21:08 2012 ]

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