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Linear vs. Rotational

Posted by: jorge.nunez (jorge_nunez66@yahoo.com) on Fri Oct 12 22:22:55 2007


My son will be 12 years old next spring and is currently using a linear/rotational swing which is what the little league coaches on his team are teaching. I, after viewing the final arc video, am convinced that the rotational method produces a more powerful swing and by the looks of it increases chances of hitting the ball. After talking to the coaches, they contend that at this age the kids will rotate the head out with the front shoulder. What is your opinion on this? Right now he is seeing the ball and hitting fairly well and with power. (5'1", 120lbs.) I think that after kids have learned to keep their head looking down consistently at the ball that it's the perfect time to begin teaching them the front side hitting/rotational method to help the kids ingrain the muscle memory. Thanks for all you do!


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