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Posted by: john (ajjdad@hotmail.com) on Fri May 2 06:30:18 2008

Jack, your thoughts on my top hand post?
Also, I think I've looked at a fair amount of video, my own, as well as others, not to name names. You know who they are :)
One thing I have seen, is that the guys that hit for power, are not sitting on their back leg at contact. They just aren't! Not to sound naive but, I am truly baffled as to why it's professed that they are sitting on their back leg. Are their exceptions to this? Like anything, sure there is. Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox, I think, might be the exception to the rule. He wouldn't be classified as a power hitter but, he doesn't get cheated with his at bats, that's for sure. I'm attaching a link that someone was kind enough to post a while back. It's a clip of Ted and , other great hitters of the past, in action. I feel it truly depicts, in most cases, that they're hitting against a stiff front leg and, certainly not sitting on their rear leg.
Didn't mean to be so long winded.
Thank you.
The link is below.



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