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Re: Timing

Posted by: Terry (c7380282@yahoo.com) on Tue Jul 15 10:00:44 2008

> Lately i've been having trouble catching up to the fastballs of the better pitchers in our league. I know it's not my swing mechanics or batspeed because both are good. Does anyone have any tips on timing for better pitchers or pitchers with good velocity?

What I always tell kids when they are facing faster pitching. Quick hands to the ball. Which probably isn't something that really agrees with the author of this website and rotational mechanics. It is more of just a phrase to remind them to cut out any loop they may have with slower pitching and be short and compact with their rotation. I also tell them it isn't about swinging harder it is about starting sooner.

Think about it like this. You have a swing that you have practiced thousands of times. That swing takes a certain amount of time to go from the beginning of your load to the bat reaching the optimal contact point. If with an average pitcher you start to load and he is releasing the ball and time it well great. Where you are probably running into trouble is using the same load timing with an above average pitcher. Try an earlier load (when his hands separate) and if you get out in front just swing for contact. As you get the hang of it you'll start driving it. The really great thing about faster pitching is that the pitcher is doing all the work. All you have to do is put the bat on it square. As always look for the small improvements they are the ones that add up over time. Lastly, don't wait on trying to time it while you are on deck work on it in the dugout. Stand up and act like you are holding a bat and practice your load up to launch timing and see if you timed it right. Make mental adjustments there and carry them with you to the on deck circle and box. Good luck.


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