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Jack or Anyone HELP!!!!!

Posted by: Jim (pcpride@comcast.net) on Sun Oct 21 17:08:24 2007

My Daughter has been in fastpitch now for 5 years....she is now eleven. She helped her team to a fifth place finish last year in the 10U World Series and was one of the better line drive hitters in the division. She hit .521 for real 49-94 and only struck out 7 times.

Now for dilemma #1, she is small and she has been taught linear mechanics all her life and now with the 12" ball she can't seem to muster the power to hit it out of the infield. Her contact is fine...the bat drag is not.

I have bought both The Final Arc and the "other" guy's video and did some research of old major league swings and truly belive this is the way to go.

Problem #2 I am a coach and my daughter is one of the sweetest most coachable girls around, just not with me. She is not a smart alec, just really passive. After working with her on rotational hitting her bat speed went from 49 to 50 on average.

So to make a long story short, I need a rotational coach to help with my daughter. WE WILL TRAVEL, and pay too much for lessons.

any coaches Please reply.

Thanks Jim


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