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Re: What weights/drills should i do for better batspeed/throwing faster?

Posted by: James (Jhool2@aol.com) on Thu Jun 15 17:37:22 2000

Thanks for any help. I am already doing the multi weighed,light, game and heavy, bats, three sets 0f 15. i lift moderate weight a lot of reps. would running/jogging help out any,other then just cardiovascular? PLease help me to be my best.
> Thanks
> Troy

@ Troy, if you want to increase your throwing and bat speed then you should be doing explosive exercise. You should excersise by moving the weight fast. That doesnt mean doing using extrememly light weight. It means using pretty heavy weights (something you can get for 8 - 10 reps) but moving it fast, and accelerating the weight as your leverage increases. Your objective should be to produce as mch power as posssible. Power= (Force X Distance)/ Time So move a pretty good amount of weight, over the largest possible distance, in the shortest amount of time. You can do this in any excercise. But i stress the importance of the major muscle groups, and open chain excercises ( involving many muscle groups at once ,where the energy is transfered through the body) Squats are very important, the legs are highly explosive muscles and are very important in power production. I also highly recommend CLEANS. Cleans teach your body how to explode properly, how accelertate the movement and get you very very strong. There is also another factor, because when you get into heavy weights, cleans require skill to perform the technique. also when the weight is heavy and you have to get under the bar you have o trust yourself, similar to how you trust yourself when you swing at a pitch. A great site to go to is WWW.DRSQUAT.com Theres some great info under the "athletes and the olympic lifts" and he has some great info on explosive trianing for athletes. Very good site. Just try to get into a strength program and train explosively. It takes time to get used to lifting so take it slow and work hard and youll see your power increase. Goodluck


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