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Re: Re: Hiding the hands

Posted by: THG () on Sat Jan 5 13:42:58 2008

> >>> I agree with the rotational hitting theory promoted by bat speed. I have one concern with "hiding the hands". How beneficial is it to hide the hands during the pitch rather than just start with the hands hidden? I've had some hitters coil to late, to much, etc. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. <<<
> Hi John
> Video analysis of the best hitters shows that there is no set rule on when the hands must arrive at the launch position. Some have their hands up at the back-shoulder as the pitcher is releasing the ball. Whereas, other good hitters have their hands from the belt to well above their shoulder at release. It all depends on what style they find most productive for them.
> Some coaches would not agree. They contend that the hands must be at the launch position at release. To them, any movement after release is wasted motion that causes a batter to be late on the pitch. Below are a couple exempts from a coach on this theme.
> ##
> “when you think it's ok to drop your hands, do a circle hitch with your hands, & THEN draw your arms & hands back to the launch position, ALL AFTER THE PITCH HAS BEEN RELEASED, & THINK YOU WILL STILL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO GET TO THE PITCH IN TIME TO DRIVE IT... THEN THERE IS NO HOPE FOR YOU!!!
> i'm sorry. you both also refuse to acknowledge that you must eliminate or reduce any post-pitch release motion that does not involve forward motion of the hands... the most common fatal error in my observation is the soft ball windup (buggywhipping) type swing... DROPPING THE HANDS, CIRCLE HITCHES, & DRAWING BACK THE ARMS&HANDS AFTER THE PITCH IS RELEASED... which invariably make most hitters late to far too many pitches they should be getting to.... that is where most hitters fail themselves... & that is wherethey can most easily improve by cutting those things out of their swing.. you guys think that stuff is ok, & you just flat out ignore the problems it creates... not good.”
> ##
> Here are a couple videos showing batters with different approaches in how they arrive at the launch position.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/media/Griffey_Bonds_Loading.wmv">Bonds/Griffey style to launch pos</a
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/media/hands_move_to_launch.wmv">Sosa/Bonds hands to launch pos</a --
> Jack Mankin

Hi Jack. I commend you for explaining your point the way you did. And I agree that what is most important is that at some point the hitter arives at a strong launch position. (Lau Sr.) And the moves prior, hitch or not, do not matter all that much but are more a function of what works best for the individual.

Of course the inherent difficulty is when one way is used as gospel while other methods seen as taboo. "We should remember that most major league hitters have A level talent with not necessarilly A level technique." (Bob Campbell) Therefore everyone does not benefit by copying a major league players exact style.

That is why Ted Williams mentioned (in his video) that a hitch is not good if it costs you time to get the bat to the launch position. position.


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