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Re: Re: Re: Axis Tilt & Shoulder Rotation

Posted by: daw (daw@bellevue-law.com) on Wed Jan 23 09:16:22 2008

> >>> Hands and Hips. Nothing else. <<<
> Hi All
> You have read Teacherman’s and my analysis of high level mechanics. The clip shown is obviously a high level swing. You can decide for yourself if the batter is using “Hands and Hips. Nothing else.” Or, whether the rotation of his shoulders is the major source for transferring the body’s rotational momentum through the arms/wrists/hands to the bat.
> Jack Mankin

I read this string last night before going to my 18U softball team's batting practice. For fun, with this string in mind, at the bag station I told each of them (we had 11 players at practice last night) to trigger their swing using their "hands and hips only". "HANDS AND HIPS....NOTHING ELSE" I barked at them. "NO SHOULDER ROTATION AT ALL, JUST HANDS AND HIPS". Uniformly, after first looking at me like I was crazy, each informed me that it can't be done. (No kidding) Four or five of them asked if I were joking, which of course I was.

Our next practice is Sunday, Teacherman. Can you tell me exactly, precisely what words you suggest I use to communicate your theory to my players? In other words, EXACTLY what should I tell them about how to move their bodies? I'll be glad to take your words to them and see what they think.


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