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Re: Re: Re: Timing

Posted by: Doug () on Fri Jul 18 17:41:01 2003

> I find timing very interesting as well. In a proper no-stride stride timing is easiest. See it... drop the heel and hit it. It proves that the stride is NOT a timing mechanism . I taped ARod and studied his bigger stride and it is easy to see how it is possible. His front foot is down just at/after the release point. I mean real early. It gives him time to do the same thing a no-stride guy does..drop the heel and hit it. So.....the heel drop is a more reliable timing mechanism since it begins the swing.

Timing is a feel that you get from swinging the bat in practice and games. In most good hitters it starts well before the heel comes down. It can be a hand hitch, knee cock or a few other things. It is personal and it is part of your talent.



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