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Re: Re: Re: Re: Gordie Gillespie's Power Hitting Vest

Posted by: BobbyO (obrohta@yahoo.com) on Tue Feb 19 20:18:56 2008

> > >>> Ever heard of this one? Does it work? Seems like it could be a reusable version of Jack's duct tape hitting aide <g>.
> > > Anyone ever try this thing?
> >
> > I played for Gordie at St. Francis in the late 80s, early 90s. This tool seems to make sense. In fact, pitchers used it as a way to keep the front side closed in pitching drills. Inexpensive tool and they last forever for very little cost. A worthwhile investment. <<<
> >
> > Hi Michael
> >
> > I brought your Oct 31 post forward to Nov because it illustrates an important component of sound swing mechanics. The tool you referred to, “Gordie Gillespie’s Power Hitting Vest,” can be seen at - http://www.onlinesports.com/pages/I,MW-GGVPHIV.html – Used correctly, this could be a very useful tool to promote a good swing. However, used as shown in the advertisement it would be very counterproductive.
> >
> > In our first instructional video (year 2000), we duct taped Brian’s “back” arm to his side to show that the back-arm should remain back at his side during rotation to contact (heavy bag). His elbow was still back at his side in the “L” position. This is the power position found with the games best hitters.
> >
> > Gillespie’s ad shows the tool holding the “lead” arm down at the side during the swing. You will not find one good hitter keeping his lead-arm down at his side. The lead-elbow must remain up in the swing plane during rotation. Having the lead-elbow drop below the swing plane leads to the premature rolling of the wrist (Wrist Roll) and other problems.
> >
> > I will point out how Gillespie’s tool should be used with this clip of Griffey Jr. – http://www.youthbaseballcoaching.com/mpg/Griffey01.mpeg – Note in the clip that once Griffey’s back-elbow lowers to the side, it remains back at his side (“L” position) during rotation to contact. Also note that his lead-elbow (and arm) remains up in the swing plane.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Jack:
> I'd always defer to Gordie on the intent and use of the tool. I didn't hit in college, so I didn't use it for that purpose. The intent, however, is for it to be used on the front arm. It's not to keep the front arm to the body, but to keep the hands from looping out through the swing. I've hit with them on and it forces the hitter to throw his hands at the ball, rather than reach out. Don't know if he is still using it at St. Francis. He's won more games than any other coach in college history, so I trust him. Your point seems valid, though.


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