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Fastpitch Softball Hitting Instruction -- Weight Shift & Spinning

Posted by: Jack Mankin (Batspeed@verizon.net) on Mon Jan 7 10:31:13 2013

Fastpitch Sofrball Hitting Instructions that promote "Weight-shift and "Don't Spin" concepts has long been cornerstones of linear teaching. In our video series, "Linear Do's & Don'ts," we address these issues.

Hi All

For decades, fastpitch softball hitters have been taught batting mechanics based on the "Truism" that a 'linear weight shift' produced forward momentum to power the swing. Linear theorist contends that this forward momentum and the drive from the batter's back-leg would swing their backside around a "posted" lead-side -- much like 'a gate swinging on a hinge'.

They would further content that allowing the lead-hip to be turned rearward as the backside rotated forward would result in a "spinning" motion, much like a 'revolving door', which they claim, would greatly reduce the power of the swing and cause other problems like - "hitting around the ball."

Well, that's the linear case against rotating around the center of the body (Spinning) and why they say it is more productive for the back-hip to swing about a posted front hip. - But, is this what the best softball hitters actually do? - Where is the axis of the better hitter's rotation? - Do they exhibit forward momentum of the body during the swing? - Does their back-leg actually drive their back-hip around?

Let us take a look at the lower-body mechanics of a few good fastpitch hitters and see.

Weight Shift & "Don't Spin"

As these video clips show, the best hitters generate rotation about the center of their body (the spine) rather than their front side. Lower body mechanics that produce this rotation and its' important in maximizing bat speed is explained in our Instructional video, "The Final Arc ll."

Note: Below are links to the “Linear - Do's & Don'ts" hitting concepts we address in this “Fastpitch Hitting Series.”
Linear "Do's & Don'ts"

* Introduction – Why This Fastpitch Series?

* "Weight Shift" -- Don't "Spin"

* "Pop Your Hips" - but - "Keep Your Shoulder In-There"
High Back Elbow – Good or Bad?

* "Don't Cast" -- "Keep Your Hands In-side The Ball"

* ”Get Your Arms Extended”

* "Swing Down" -- "Keep The Bat-Head Above The Ball"

* "Rise Ball" "Don't Hit Around The Ball" "Swing Through The Ball"
I will make the links above live as soon as they are available

Jack Mankin


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