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Re: Re: Re: Re: back-elbow

Posted by: grc (grcrackel@yahoo.com) on Thu Sep 14 20:27:40 2000

Does the back elbow always come down to the side even on outside pitches?
> > >
> > > Yes the elbow always comes down. You can not flaten the bat out to get in on the same plane as the ball without droping your elbow.
> > >
> > > Joe A. ruben....at what point in the swing does your question refer to? stance, launch position or lag position?....although it's clear that joe a gave a thoughtful response i personally would like a little more info....respectfully, grc....
> I'm talkin' bout the launch position. In the Batting Mechanics frame C or D... the picture when the dude's shoulder first comes to his side,,,yo
> yes....at this point the elbow should be down...grc...


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