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Re: Improving power

Posted by: rql () on Thu Apr 3 19:44:02 2008

> I have a very young varsity softball team, and I start four freshman on varsity who have only played fast pitch for 2 years.
> We are making contact against solid pitching but a lot of grounds and weak balls, I don't know if its a matter of strength or technique.
> Does anyone have suggestions on what to do, I have even video taped them and recordered their swings and they look good for the most part.
> Should I have them do more push ups, and ab work to increase their bat speed? Any suggestions would be helpfull.
> We have lost three games by score of 3-0, 4-0, and 2-1. Its driving me nuts, because the D has been good, and our pitching even better.
>>Now is a little late to be building strength,technique should be focused on.However in softball,the slap game and bunt game can get you runs,look at your speed and see if another strategy can be better utilized.


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