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Tom.Guerry, Jack...Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: grc () on Sun Dec 3 20:05:08 2000

one element of the top hand torque theory that i am confused with is the notion that the shoulder turn (from inward turn position to shoulder-facing-the-pitcher-position) gives a "boost", so to speak to the circular hand path.......i can understand that it does indeed provide a boost, but what i don't quite understand is this: in looking at the clips of aaron, ramirez, delgado, et al it appears that by the time their shoulder is facing the pitcher, THEIR SWING HAS ALREADY BEGUN (by about one frame, to be exact)......yet i was under the impression that per the t.h.t. theory the swing should NOT be initiated UNTIL the front shoulder has rotated from inward-turn position to facing-the-pitcher position......i guess what i'm asking is: should the hitter WAIT until front shoulder is facing the pitcher before initiating the swing?......if so, then my problem is that at that point in the swing about .003 seconds would have already elapsed from the decision to swing (or from front foot plant)......please bear with me on this question....it's hard to articulate exactly what i want to know & hopefully you can make sense of my question......respectfully, grc.....


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