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Re: Re: Re: Full Transfer Mechanics

Posted by: PMC (stope_4450@yahoo.com) on Thu Mar 10 08:26:15 2005

> Most great hitters have virtually ALL the weight on the front foot at contact.Same with golfers.
> Lau Sr was one of the first to applly the golf type principles to hitting,emphasizing a weight shift TO not AGAINST the front leg.He called this "front foot hitting" which was preferred to "back foot hitting" "bugsquishers".He encouraged a forceful forward move and turning the back ankle over to get "heel to sky".
> Some hitters can keep a little weight back if they really lean their axis of rotation back.Bonds could be an example.Lau Jr classifies him as one of the few successful "backfoot hitters",but even Bonds gets pretty much entirely off the back foot at contact,see for example the Bonds 02 clip ar youthbaseballcoaching.com.

In your opinion does Mike Epstein and Jack Menkin teach this??


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