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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: question about BATSPEED

Posted by: T Olson () on Wed Dec 20 16:19:24 2000


Everyone quotes Adair. So you think that a bat swung with one hand--or held loosely versus firmly, will hit the ball the same distance given the same batspeed?

I'm not arguing--I might even agree. But what about other examples such as holding the bat loose versus firm while bunting. I'm still thinking of other examples and have to admit I don't really know.

As a coach, I don't swing the bat every day except hitting flys. I think I've noticed that I hit the ball farther with a firmer grip with the same swing. But it's certainly not a scientific study. Plus it's a slightly different example because the ball is being tossed up and hit. Just as the bunt is not really the same example either.

I'm still thinking about other examples and I'll share if I come up with any.



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