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Re: Re: Re: Re:Confusion/heavy bag drill

Posted by: ray porco (rporco@verizon.net) on Thu Jul 28 20:53:13 2005


Good points. At contact it is, then.

I wrote:
“Second, if you truly believe ‘…that forces applied by the hands to the bat handle at contact have no effect…’ then why is most of your hitting theory based on what you term, ‘hand torque’?”

Your response:
“Again, these forces are applied prior to contact.”

What forces are applied by the ‘hands’, and exactly when (start and stop points) prior to contact?

Your quote:
“At contact, according to the study, it has no effect. Prior to contact you may see different results.”

A firmer grip prior to contact may produce different results. What do you think they (different results) might be?

Your quote:
“Recoil of the bat (post impact) is a result of the energy of the ball being transferred to the bat. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so any energy expended to move the bat will be lost from the energy transferred back to the ball's deflection. This loss of energy will result in a loss of "exit speed"

So, can I conclude that if a bat is permitted to recoil, there will be a loss of ball exit speed? And what do you suppose would permit a bat to recoil more from ball impact, a firm or loose grip?

Your quote:
“I would think so too, but it was not supported by the study.”

Correction: It was not attempted by the study.


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