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Re: Re: Re: Hitters of the past.

Posted by: john (ajjdad@hotmail.com) on Sat Aug 30 20:12:45 2008

Pitching strategies of today? What does that mean? What strategies?
Look, there's certainly good hitters today, no doubt.
But, the fact is, is that guys that are beefing their numbers up, are doing it against some, that wouldn't even be in the big leagues in years past.There is no way the talent can't be watered down with the large number of teams now in the league, as opposed to in the past.
Mantle, Williams, Banks, Mays,Killibrew, were facing guys like Koufax, Feller, Ford, Trucks, Spahn, Gibson, Mcdowell, Marichal.Those were guys that did it over a period of years and, the list go's on.There's no way that the hitters of the past 20 years had to face anything close to that kind of talent.And, some of the most notorious long ball hitters of the recent past, have been linked to steroids.
Wipe the floor?!!
I'd use the photo's of Sosa's, Mcguire and, Bonds' historic homeruns, to wipe the floor alright...


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