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Re: Re: Re: Re: Jack how do we Learn how to become a homerun hitter?

Posted by: Dave P () on Mon Jul 3 22:28:22 2006

> > > hI JACK
> > > >
> > > > How do we ? is it the arch of the swing thats allows to hit homers
> > >
> > > Alfred -
> > > The most important factor in the distance a ball travels (if hit solidly) is batspeed. That's BATSPEED as in the name of this site.
> > > If you read all Jack's material on this website, and keep remembering that batspeed makes the ball go farther, it will all make sense. The answer to your question is right here...
> ==============
> Batspeed is where it is at. But you also have to swing the right bat for you. You can swing a stick very fast but cant hit a ball anywere. The bat's mass has alot to do with hitting the long ball.
> Mike

Hi Mike

Sorry batspeed affects the distance the ball travels more then bat weight. For every 5 MPH great bathead speed you hit the ball 30 feet further in baseball and 20 feet further in softball. The addition of one ounce in weight will only contribute 4 feet in distance to ball travel.

This comes striaight off a sport science text book.

Dave P


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