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Posted by: Sam (brownsamtab@sbcglobal.net) on Mon May 11 08:06:52 2009

I recently bought the Swing Analysis DVD, The Final Arc DVD, and the Pathfinder bat.

I have two sons who are 10 and 11 who are now about a quarter of the way through in the current baseball season. They are both pretty good hitters with very good hand/eye coordination.

I have watched and studied all the videos, and I have concerns that when the instructor teaches various elements in Swing Analysis, he frequently seems to state that "If your elbow is not up at the correct angle, you go linear"; "If your knee locks, you go linear"; etc. There seemed to be many different things that if they do not go just right, you go linear.

Are these elements of ideal swing mechanics all necessary to be perfected in order to get anything out of the rotational hitting concept, or are they necessary to get the optimum/maximum out of rotational hitting? What I am wondering is: Do you have to perfect all the elements to get anything out of rotational hitting, or should you practice the concept and with every element that you get right (flaws included) will it help in bat speed and in using major muscle groups? How soon after getting some elements correct can you start attempting this overall method in batting practice?


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