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Re: Re: sudden problem

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Tue Jun 2 20:49:41 2009

> > My son was killing the baseball during school ball. Now that we are in babe ruth, he is struggling at the plate. He isn't striking out, but hitting weak ground balls. Usually, he hits line drives to the opposite field (on outside pitches) but now, he isn't hitting well at all. any suggestions as to what to check? Loading up is ok, stride is ok, follow through ok. I"m thinking that maybe he is rolling his hand
> s.
> we are just guessing but maybe the pitching is slower in babe ruth and he is a little out front and rolling over,think let the ball come to me and drive it the other way for awhile

He isn't getting on plane with the ball would be my guess. The pitching is probably slower and the downward trajectory of the ball is greater so he is hitting too much of the top of the ball. Get him to swing up a little/hit more of the bottom half of the ball and get on plane with the pitch.


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