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Re: Re: Questions

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Wed Dec 2 14:19:23 2009

> >>> What are your thoughts on the hitter being square to the plate at contact with the baseball? Do you think this is also a contributor to early bat speed?
> I use the principles you espouse and also try to stay square to the plate at contact. If you were thinking at the plate or during hitting practice what would be your number one and number two thoughts. Knowing that thoughts need to be simple at the plate and in training how would you frame those thoughts up for a hitter.
> Do you know any drills or exercises to increase bat speed? I have found that simply swinging the bat is the best drill. <<<
> Hi Torque
> Before I reply, I need to have a better understanding of what you mean by "square to the plate at contact." Could you expand on what is square?
> Jack Mankin

Hey Jack,

By square I mean the hips and shoulders start out square or facing the plate until the last minute just before contact. The lead foot remains closed and facing the plate.

A lot of hitters release the lead foot after contact but it happens so fast it is hard to see.

I'm thinking the closed front foot shortens the distance of rotation of the hips. This seems to make for a faster rotation of the bat where it really matters and that is across and just out in front of the plate.

It seems as if the rear hip acts as a gate and the lead hip acts as the gate hinges. If you slam a gate hard and it has a long rotation the velocity slows down whereas if you can shorten the gates distance it will have greater velocity when the hinge is pressed as far as it can open. A closed front foot seems to shorten the gates rotation and lead to more aggresive rear hip rotation.

I communicate with my son on hitting and am always looking for better ways to communicate. I've been travelling a lot and have been letting him go to a pretty good hitting instructor once a week but hit with him on a field this weekend and his power was down. He had lost some focus on using top hand torque and a circular hand path. We fixed this after a few rounds and he added 30 feet in distance instantly by refocusing on THT and Circular Hand Path. He is using some new vocabulary with his hitting and a lot of it is causing him to lose focus. My question is really one of simple communication to a young hitter. I'm sure you have established preferred simple communication with the hitters you work with and am wondering what that communication is.



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