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Do slow pitch professionals preaching what actually works

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Sun Dec 17 21:43:12 2006

Many slow pitch softball professionals stress lower body mechanics and a level swing. In addition, they show tomohawk methods to produce consistent homeruns. If it works for them, could/should their methods work with major league pitching?

Mike Schmidt emphasized how he felt the level or tomohawk (Andre Dawson) cut could work for success. In fact, he put that swing into practioe over the years. Actual game footage back in the day showed that Schmidt's technique worked for him.

And though the rotational technique works more consistently for contact, Schmidt as well as some of the top slow pitch hitters feel the tomohawk level cut is most effective when done correctly as the backspin has the ability to cut through stiff winds.

(food for thought) It should be noted that George Brett used the tomohawk cut in the pine tar game for a homerun.


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