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Re: Re: Weight Training in off-season

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Thu Jan 25 18:16:53 2007

> > I am wondering what exersizes and how many reps you should do in the off-season to improve power?
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> That dude has no idea what hes talking about. Great power is generated from the batting mechanics talked about on this website. The muscles in the forearm and fingers arent nearly as important as the big muscles in your body (legs, hips, core, shoulder, etc). Another thing, you shouldnt put too much work into cardiovascular training. Its a waiste of time if your working on improving power at the plate. When was the last time you ran a mile in the batters box?


It goes without saying that any top quality athlete should be in shape. And that combines cardio as well as weights. Over time so many players realize too late that they should have taken better care of themselves.


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