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Re: Re: Home alone with a

Posted by: Dog (dawg11@flash.net) on Tue Jan 4 20:03:32 2000

> Hi Dawg,
> Out of curiosity, what part of the field did you hit to and how far away was the fence when you were hitting them out on a tee?
> Regards,
>Hi Jeff, Hope your holidays were great. Jeff, I would drive the ball to left field to left center. The park was a minor league park that was 320ft down both lines, and 350 to the left field alley, straight away was 400. The wall was 8ft high. Jeff, it was a relatively short porch for professional play in the alleys. I could not reach the 400ft mark off the tee. I was using new Rawlings baseballs and a 34inch 32ounce Louisville Slugger Pro stock C-243 model. Interestingly enough, I also compared distance using a 34inch,30ounce C-271 model, the same model used by Ripken and Griffey.
I was able to hit a few out with the C-271, but not near enough in comparison to the heavier and larger barrel head on the C-243. I felt like my bat speed was faster with the C-271, but the results did not match up to the C-243. Jeff, maybe you can help me with an analysis as to why? Weather conditions were the same, the same field, no wind, hot summer day at around 2pm. At what point does bat weight and mass compromise bat speed and distance, this was one of the reasons I liked to conduct this type of drill, trying to find the answers on light bat vs heavier bat. How do you arrive at the best combination of bat speed and bat mass, I strived for the right answer to help my game, and I always tried to find that happy medium combination of not sacrificing power and bat speed. regards-dog


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