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Re: Re: Re: Re: SKIPPER, question about timing

Posted by: SteveT () on Wed Jan 5 16:15:40 2000


Apples and oranges.

Dp/Dt = F = mDv/Dt = ma. The force in this case is the force required to cause Dp (change in momentum in a given time.) In terms of the force required to acclerate the ball, this will be a large number because the ball and ball undergoes large accleration. But the contact is so short that it becomes an impulse problem such that we can ignore Dv during impact.

If A = Dv/Dt, and we know that t is about a millisecond, what do you suppose Dv would be? What we want is maximum batspeed AT contact, as the impact is governed by conservation of momentum. Less than maximum batspeed at contact will result in less than maximum ball exit velocity.




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