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Re: Re: griffey instructo swing

Posted by: grc () on Thu Jan 17 17:15:14 2002

this goes out to people that invaladate the instructo swing product.i think before you make a decision on this product please open up your self centered mind that you have all the answers to hitting.I feel if griffey jr would swing less upper cutting he would stay on the ball better and also he needs to hit the other way more.I also feel that people make hitting sound so hard by their words and terms.I would love to speak with anyone about this product i am the inventor of the instructo swing!! let's talk hitting some.
> Way to win friends and influence people!
> I am impressed that you invented such a product with your ability to express yourself in the written word.
> Lets talk some hitting:
> If hitting is so easy, why is a device like yours needed in the first place?
> What elements of the swing does the Instructo help you improve and how? I've never used it so I don't have any idea.

griffey's real swing is nothing like an instructo-swing.....he simply got paid for an endorsement......p.s. you are not the inventor so what are you trying to pull?


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