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Posted by: GRC () on Sun Feb 10 11:40:05 2002

troy....since you have a background with pros, not to mention your background in kinesiology, i would like to pose the same question to you as i recently did to charley lau jr (he has not yet responded).......

my question: when people at your level talk about a "long swing" this terminology filters down to the lower levels....every coach from mustang (pony league) to college not only want to eliminate the "long swing" but every coach has his own idea of how to fix the problem...yet no one can explain what it means.....sure, at the lower ameteur levels you can find kids who have an extreme case of "casting", but i assume that at the major league levels you don't see this particular problem......could you explain in the most graphic and descriptive terms possible what a "long swing" means at the major league level?.......and as you said, the swing happens so fast that sometimes it's hard to detect what is happening that is right or wrong unless it's something really obvious....how do you evaluate the player's swing?...for example, do you use frame by frame analysis?.......respectfully, grc.....


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