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Re: outside pitch

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Thu Feb 14 10:40:34 2002

Many of my h.s. hitters have been taught to push out at the o.s. pitch and let the barrel drag.Some can do this but they seem satisfied if they just hit it that way,many times not hard enough for a hit.I find that their hands are near the front of the plate and their barrel is near the back of plate.I have started doing straight toss and getting them to stay back and hit the back of the ball even with the lead knee.They swing just like it is inside but wait longer and have a little larger swing radius,just like getting a tighter swing radius on the inside corner pitch.They are finding that they more consistently hit the ball hard.My biggest problem is staying back and not getting fooled off speed.Any thoughts on how you can keep them back so I can compare to what I'm doing.


I think you just need to keep working on having them hit this ball hard.This will be a much quicker swing to the ball than their old push swing,so it does take some adjusting,but that just comes from recognizing the location and trusting your mechanics.I think a key "feel" difference is an emphasis on extension for this location as opposed to turning on the ball for the inside location.The extension cue for outside location(even though extension happens after contact)is important to prevent decelerating("giving up on swing")before contact.The right kind of extension comes when "connection" of the front upper arm is maintained until after contact.

The "wait on the ball" or "let it get deep cues" are a little risky because they are inaccurate.Torso turn (relative to the inside pitch)IS delayed,but this is made up for by more tht/Bathead "extension"(again relative to the inside/"L" still in back elbow mechanics).The desired contact point is still perpendicular to the pitch with maximum batspeed.So in any case make sure you don't encourage trying to push the contact spot back or disconnection of the front upper arm.

If you avoid these suboptimal cue interpretations,then lots of practice until it becomes automatic should improve the tendency to be early.Stick with it.


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