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Re: The cause of hip/shoulder rotation -- Cont.

Posted by: DAve P (dkcoachdave@yahoo.com) on Thu Dec 2 10:24:54 2010


Unlike you I have my students concentrate on back foot and back knee drive as the initiation of hip rotation. If you lift and turn your back foot the hips must rotate. I find that the students that concentrate on the hips rotating have more problems with spinning out with both hips and shoulders.

If the back leg starts hip rotation then the front shoulder can be in control when it pulls back. If the hips rotate too much either too soon or too much the front shoulder is now more suseptable to flying open as opposed to pulling back.

Big point on all of this is that back foot drive (lifting or dragging) allows the front shoulder to remained in a controlled rotation (creates x factor stretch) however bug squishing of the back foot forces the front shoulder open imidiately with back foot rotation. This is caused by two forces at working together forcing the front shoulder to open. The back knee internally rotates with weight transfering rearward which at the same time due to rearward weight transfer forces the front leg to straighten early in the swing.

Any thoughts on this.

Dave P


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