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Re: Internet advice

Posted by: rql () on Tue Aug 27 20:15:10 2002

I am a junior at a D1 college. I have an extensive library of books and tapes and so does my coach. When I told him some of the things I have read on this site he laughed. He scoffed at the notion of getting hitting advice off the internet. I am open to new ideas, whatever the source, but my coach does have one valid point. That point is that in all of the tapes and books out there, the authors have experience in the game. We are talking about Baker, Ellis, Emanski, Lau, Hendrick as well as a multitude of ex-professional players. I guess my question is, in the interest of me being able to assess your credibility, could you please specify which owners or participants at this site have the necessary experience? Thank you, I would love to go back to my coach and throw some names in his face!

>>I can tell you that the guys on this site that I think know what they are talking about were not great hitters but I have learned the most from them.I myself never made it to the majors but was anALL AMERICAN in college atUni. South Carolina.I also became the all time batting champion there hitting over 400.I had a homerun record at the college world series that was broke by J.D. Drew.I injured my arm playing catch with Pete Rose in spring training and never played again.All this acolade is garbage though because it was'nt tell I came to this sight did I start understanding the hitting process.However I must admit that seeing for yourself is the key to believing.Before setpro .com got hacked it had video of many M.L. hitters in slo mo and someone put alot of frame by frame video on their to download.It was this footage that I still use to learn and teach by.The words here are correct but you and your coach need to get video in slo mo or frame by frame that shows this footage.If you give me your e mail I may be able to send you some swins of Mac,Rose.Griffey,Piazza and you can see for yourself what they have in common. RQL


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