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Big Mac's Front Knee

Posted by: Big Mac's Front Knee (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sat May 6 22:28:31 2000

Dear Jack,
Pardon my depatured existence from your discussion group, since I used the last few days to test the validity of your theories. While most proved conclusive, I noticed one
fundamental--locking the front knee at impact that you deem mechanically de rigeur to maximizing power, which you demonstrate using (an educated guess) Sammy Sosa.

Nevertheless, I will provide examples that will serve as arguments to the contrary.

Two years hitherto the new millenium baseball season, Big Mac hit five homers over 500 feet at Busch--two balls to center (501 and 509 feet), and two balls to right-center (511 and 527 feet), using a front knee that was bent, but firm, at contact, a front knee that still had the ability to push the front hip back and around. The fifth shot, a 545-foot homer to center, displayed a front leg that was bent slightly, but bent nonetheless, allowing the front leg to rotate in a circular pattern.

From personal experience last year, I had the opportunity to see McGwire hit two homers, the latter one, a statistically significant career highlight that traveled over 400 feet, but, from behind him through binoculars, I also saw the former homer, a 502-foot shot to right-center.

The front knee seemed to bent on that swing, and a tape my mother made of the home run McGwire hit--which I saw personally at Shea--showed McGwire making contact with a firm, but bent front leg rotating in a circular pattern (my mother taped it while I was away).

Any thoughts on this Jack? Now that I have given example how a person can hit the ball a long way with a firm, bent, rotating front leg at impact, are you still going to argue that the front leg must be locked at contact?

Please respond

Black Hole Lexicographer


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