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Top hand torque: pulling back or rotation of the hands

Posted by: dominik (dominik.keul@uni-duesseldorf.de) on Fri Nov 4 15:45:12 2011

Hi Jack.

I have a question regarding top hand torque: Isn't the top hand torque more of a rotation of the top hand (swivel around the long axis of the rear forearm) rather than a "pulling back" of the top hand?

If you pull back the top hand often the hands will get farther back and you have a linear pulling back of the bat with both hands going back.

however of course this is not what you want since you want to turn the barrel around a point between the hands (torque).

to me it feels more like the thumb of the top hand is going back but the pinky of the top hand is going forward at the same time (turn of the hand) rather than the whole hand being pulled back.

wouldn't turn the top hand be a better cue than pull back the top hand which could be missunderstood as pulling the whole hand back and thus disconnecting the arms behind the body?

Also doesn't that torque often happen rather automatically if the elbows are well connected to the body rather than requiring a lot of hand action?

rdgs dominik


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