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Re: Re: Top hand rollover

Posted by: Slugger () on Thu Jan 5 11:38:23 2012

> >>> Need a couple of good drills for the hitter that rolls his
> Top hand over right after contact is made <<<
> Hi Scout
> I have no problem with the wrist (or top-hand) rolling over after contact. It is the premature (approaching contact) rolling that is a serious flaw. I would suggest making sure he has a problem before making changes.
> The two main causes for the wrist to prematurely roll are; (1) Lack of shoulder rotation & (2) The lead-elbow dropping below the swing plane before contact. Below are a couple articles regarding the Wrist Roll.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/tf03.html">Wrist Roll</a>
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/messageboard/1039.html Causes ">Premature Wrist Roll</a>
> Note: I am not in favor of the Fence Drill as Slugger suggest. I find it causes more problems than it solves. Below is an article I wrote regarding this drill. You can read it and decide for yourself whether or not to use it.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/research09.html ">The Fence Drill & Bat Inertia</a>
> Jack Mankin

Scout. Another version of the fence drill is to place a batting tee closer to your body and attempt to make solid contact with the barrel of the bat while swinging. This forces the hitter to bring his hands in and lead with the knob of the bat. This practice of staying inside the ball is perhaps best illustrated by David Ortiz.


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