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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Positional Hitting

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Tue Jan 10 01:02:32 2012

Hello Willy >How are you ?Iam glad you enlightened me .I must confess I never measured cevallos angles nor would I probally know how to. But I still think bat speed.com and cevellos have many of the same concepts. For example in his book postional hitting cevallos writes in what he calls the the cushion or launch postion the shoulders are closed and the hips are slightly opened . cevallo even has a measurement for it. Jack basicly says the same thing in his swing mechanics section. The hips are open 10 to 20 degresss while the shoulder faces the second basemen.They both take a circular hand path to the ball. even though their explanations are different. Both warn against a linear hand path .And at contact its the same thing again, both have the front knee extended the back elbow bent and connected .Jack decribes the front shoulder rotates to 105 degrees at contact on middle in pitches cevallo doesnt mention the 105 degrees thou his front shoulder is in that same postion at contact as Jack describes .I think cevallo tries to avoid early wrist roll over when he advises to keep working the top hand under not over the bottom .And the first drill cevallos has in his book is the heavy bag drill just as jack has been suggesting for years


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