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Re: Opening up

Posted by: Teacherman () on Sat Oct 6 11:19:06 2007


You and your son are at a critical junction.

If you keep trial and erring, you will learn that "shoulder rotation" is not a part of a high level swing.

The coach could be right. Probably is. But I doubt he really knows how to fix it.

The torquing the handle of the bat so the barrel goes rearward at launch ACCOMPANIED BY the "lateral tilt" of the shoulders is the answer.

You see....the hips rotate. The shoulders do not.

Shoulder rotation leads to two and only two options.

1) Bat drag....doing it slow enough so you can "stay in there"


2) Pulling off the ball....when you really "get after it" to hit the ball hard.

There is a better way.


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