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Re: Re: Pitching vs Hitting Mechanics cont.

Posted by: Brian () on Tue Dec 18 20:55:16 2007

Jimmy, in that long post you didn't even address the main point of the clip - the difference between the forward momentum of the pitching action to the stationary/rotational momentum of the hitting action. Also, I'm sure you're not doing it intentionally, but your comments suggest that Jack believes that the lower body is not an important ingredient in the swing, which is completely wrong. Please read the website to understand the vital importance that Jack places on the lower body mechanics.

I'll briefly address two of your points.

<<<Notice how Bonds and the pitcher transfer the weight into the front leg.>>>

Absolutely not. The pitcher transfer 100 percent of his weight from the back leg to the front leg. However, a hitter can have his weight more back, even or more forward depending on personal preference and still achieve a powerful rotational swing. Forward weight shift is NOT a factor in generating bat speed, but it is a factor in the throwing motion, as ALL pitchers fully transfer their weight back to front. Video makes this point painfully obvious.

<<<Notice how both Bonds and the pitcher firm up the front leg at the point of contact and pitch release. This firming action transfers energy to the projectile (barrel for Bonds and ball for the pitcher).>>>

The pitcher transfers all weight onto and around the front leg during the forward momentum of the pitching action. In contrast, during the swing, the front leg straightens in order to PUSH the front hip/torso backward while the rear leg drives the back hip/torso forward. This dual leg action promotes rotation around the stationary axis.



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