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Re: Axis Tilt & Shoulder Rotation

Posted by: Teacherman () on Sat Jan 19 15:23:00 2008

First.....it's not a change in the subject matter. Your premise is that there is no changing of linear momentum into angular momentum. How do you talk about "the change" if you can't talk about both ends of the change? What you start with and what you're changing into.....ie.....linear momentum into shoulder rotation.

Secondly, you set up a strawman argument when you say me and the people that frequent my site believe that...."since the shoulders do not rotate parallel with the ground, it is shoulder “tilt” rather than shoulder “rotation”".

Parallel to the ground has nothing to do with it. The direction of the movment has nothing to do with it. A hitter can hit a high pitch with "level" shoulders, therefore 'appear' parallel to the ground and still not be rotating the shoulders.

The resistance to rotation by the shoulders, is the point. The shoulder/torso/arm links have to be fused together by resistance so that the hands/forearms can work properly in one direction....directly opposite the hips....so that the cusp can be achieved. If this isn't done.....the energy goes to whip the shoulders.....not the barrel. Without this all you have is flail.....which is a MAJOR example of slop......and which can only drag the bat.

This is accomplished by the shoulders resisting rotation.

Once you understand the high level pattern, you will look back on what you once believed and say......"oh my God....how could I fall for that.....how could I not understand that the hands are THE body part....the only part....that has direct contact with the bat....and how they have to be active early in the swing......long before any impulse can travel the complete kinetic chain.

There are two engines. Each working at the same time with the ultimate goal of coming together at just the right point in time.

One develops the necessary swing quickness to be able to deal with not only the 95+mph fastball...but also the offspeed and various locations.....ie....early batspeed and high adjustability.

The other develops the batspeed and power.

How you sync the two is critical. If you let it, the body will develop a direct connection between the hands and the hips.....which results in the cusp......at just the right time.....the sudden change of direction of the BARREL.

Hands and Hips. Nothing else.


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