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Re: Timing

Posted by: () on Mon Jul 14 10:24:24 2003

Everyone agrees that "timing" is a most "key" element in hitting,yet very seldom discussed. I
> believe Ray Furco touched on it and indicated a
> pursuit of some study but no-one talks about it
> other than to recognize its importance. Is it
> strictly a "gut" thing/an athletic reaction that's unteachable? How closely does it relate to the "load"----the stride. Would welcome comments
> on methods or drills that would create a greater
> awarness and importance of the "timing" factor in the minds of young hitters----how is it incorporated with the other mechanics? Hope this
> fellow Furco does more with his analysis. Very much enjoy the studied opinions on hitting that appear each day.

> Don, I totally agree with your thoughts on the timing issue. In giving hiting instructions I teach a particular "loading sequence" that serves as the timing factor in hitting. In addition I monitor body weight distribution during the "loading sequence" which I feel is critical to efficient transition from the "load position" to initiation of the swing via the lower body.



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