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Re: how to get early batspeed

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Mar 2 11:32:04 2008

>>> how do get early batspeed (before contact)? i havent been on this site very long but i know
what rotational mechanics are so be easy on the vocabulary thanks <<<

Hi Michael

The bat-head rotates about 180 degrees from the launch position around to contact. During the first 90 degrees, the bat-head rotates rearward from its launch position hehind the batter's head back to the lag position (pointing toward the catcher). Then it rotates 90 degrees from the lag position around to contact. For a batter to attain maximum bat speed at contact, the bat must be accelerated around the entire 180 degrees – not just the last 90 degrees.

Few batters will ever reach their batting potential. As the post below explains, rather than being taught mechanics that generates early bat speed (first 90 degrees), the mechanics they are taught actually “restricts” its development.

Early bat speed

Jack Mankin


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