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Re: Re: Re: No Such Thing

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Tue Sep 8 17:59:37 2009

Hi South I started reading Jacks website and bought his tapes about a year and a half ago .At first I believed as you do this system would create a pull hitter with a low avg and some power on certain pitches but cause a real problem with the outside pitch but as I keep learning I do not find this to be true.As a matter of fact the advantage to Jack Mankins teaching are that he does realize a slight adjustment must be made on the inside and outside pitch but thats it a slight adjustment so you dont have to have two different swings on the inside and outside pitches while Iam not qualitified to teach this system some of the difference between inside and outside are less shoulder rotation and the lead arm can reach across the chest for the outside pitch.If you are intrested in the archvies section on this web ste they talk about hitting the outside pitch as you already have the middle in approach desripition


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